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Captain Marvel 2012 Issue 9

...I hope you feel better. I'm sorry. -unnoun

It’s alright, some days are better than others… and sometimes the week just piles up on you until you just break down and cry.

...What did you think of Deep Breath? -unnoun

It was fantastic and my theory on Missy is that she is post Time War Iris Wildthyme who saw that black was in fashion.

...I'm sorry you had a bad day as well. I was really out of line earlier. -unnoun

It’s alright.

...I don't want you to feel anxiety or distress. It was wrong of me to lash out at you like that. If I was going to say anything about my... concerns, I should have approached you more calmly, given you the benefit of the doubt. -unnoun

…You okay? -unnoun

Not really, it’s been one of those days.

...I'm sorry. That was rude, and rather cruel of me. Maybe we should start over. Ahem: Hi! -unnoun


A good 90% of my asks have been liked by one person. On various blogs. Phil's, Wack'd's, Jack's, Jill's, Trying-To-Resonate-Concrete, Froborr, and others. And rape culture is a bit of a thing. And I'm paranoid. There are some patterns of behavior that are somewhat distressing. -unnoun


I obviously can’t speak to your concerns in this regard. I obviously don’t know the person in question in depth.

What I will say is that the way you interact is interesting because it is different than everyone else on Tumblr. I would guess that he has an interest in your interests (Doctor Who and the Houseless Renegades) and it’s an outgrowth of that. Besides, how is anyone going to find you?

Some of those might have been me being the kind of person to like a lot of things on tumblr.

Everyone’s fucked up. You’ve just gotta decide what kinda fucked up you’re into.
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Faction Paradox? -unnoun

Have seen them in The Galifrey Chronicles, have read that Rose Tyler fan fic, and am contemplating writing one involving them finding one of Clara’s echoes.

Have you been feeling a lot of anxiety today? Distress? Good. Because that's what I've felt nearly every single time you've "liked" a post responding to one of my signed asks for the past year. It's really creeped me out, in all honesty. -unnoun

Sorry, but in fairness, you are the best Doctor Who blogger.